Nabor House
  New Building Project

Designed by: Olsen and Associates

New Building Kick-Off Event

We had a great evennig at the NH New Building Kick-Off Event on July 16, 2011.  Nabor alums and guest learned about the details of the new house.  Thanks to all the volunteers who made it a success. 

Below are some of the materials from the event including the presentations and handouts.
Interview with Ed McMillan.  Click on the link below to view the video interview of Ed McMillan where he shares his thoughts on Nabor House.

YouTube Video


  • Total cost of the project is estimated
    to be $2 million.
  • Fundraising goal is to raise all money through alumni donations and avoid debt.
  • Modular building approach will be utilized so that the House can be built over the summer, eliminating the need to displace the Active Chapter during the school year.
  • New house capacity will be 40-45 men.
  • Layout will be similar to current house, with   study rooms and dorm sleeping area.
  • New house will have better wiring, improved   heating and cooling systems, better exits, a   sprinkler system and handicap accessibility.
  • Fraternity Board elected to build new house,   rather than retrofit old house to meet 2012   sprinkler code, at cost of $60,000-75,000.