Nabor House
  New Building Project

Designed by: Olsen and Associates

How much should I contribute to

the New Building project?

The Nabor House alumni base is faced with the challenge of raising $2 million dollars to build the new Nabor House.  Each of us has to determine how much we can contribute to the cause.  Some of the factors we should all consider are:
  • How did my stay at Nabor House impact my life?
  • How much did I save in college housing costs because of Nabor House?
  • Would I have made it through college and had the career opportunities that I have had without Nabor House?
  • How important is it for me to make Nabor House available for future generations?

Many of these factors are difficult to put a dollar figure on.  How much individual alums will be able to contribute will come down to a personal assessment of how much they have been blessed in their lives and how they can help continue the Nabor House legacy. 

The one factor on the list that is relatively easy to place a dollar figure on is the savings in housing costs.  Download the Excel file below to explore how much Nabor House helped you save in housing costs and how much those savings are worth in today's dollars. 

Again, the housing costs savings are only a minor part of the benefits that Nabor House has given to each of us but it is interesting to see how those savings add up over time.