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  New Building Project

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NH Project Blog and Pictures
Below is an ongoing record of the NH Building Project starting with the Active Chapter moving out of the house on May 12, 2012.
Active Chapter Moves Out  - Week Ending May 12
The Active chapter cleaned out the house during the last week of school getting ready for the demolition.  The guys did an excellent job of packing up all of the house furnishings and materials.  It was a bitter sweet moment for all of us to leave the old house for one last time. The house furnishings are being stored off-site in semi trailers until we are ready to move back in this fall. Below are some pictures of the move out efforts. 
Demolition Begins - May 17
Demolition of the old house started today.  The house is now down.  The company Earth Services is handling the demolition and removal of the material.
Foundation Digging - Week Ending May 26
This week the demolition was completed and the contractors started digging the foundation for the new house.  The new house has a similar footprint as the old house.  Only a small amount of soil will need to be removed from the site for the new basement. 
Foundation Pouring - Week ending June 8th
The foundation for the new house was started this week.  Footings were poured and forms were set for the new basement walls. 

Construction was started on the modules for the new house at the Homeway facility in Deer Creek, IL.  Construction will continue on the modules until July when we are scheduled to set the completed modules at the site.
Foundation Pouring - Week ending June 16th
The basement walls of the new house were poured on June 15th.  Work continues on the modules for the new house in the Homeway factory in Deer Creek, IL.  The modules are scheduled to be set on the new foundation in early July.
Foundation Work  -- Week Ending June 23
Work continued on the basement walls of the house this week.  Crews worked on sealing the walls and running lines for drainage and services.
Homeway Modular Construction - Week Ending July 7th
This week the work on the foundation and basement walls was completed.  The beams and posts are in place to hold up the modules.  The modules should start to be set on the foundation next week.  We will quickly go from an empty foundation to a significant structure by the end of next week.

We had a chance to tour the construction of the new house modules in the Homeway facility this week.  The first and second story modules are complete and waiting the lot to be delivered.  Work on the third story modules continues.

The pictures below show the work in progress.  The modules move through the plant on an assembly line.  They start with putting down the floor joists and the floor decking.  The assembled floor is then moved to the next bay were the walls and ceilings are added.  The room shells are then moved to another bay where the plumbing and electrical is added.  The unit then moves on to get drywall and windows installed.  Finally the unit gets paint and trim.   The assembled units are then shrink wrapped and stored in the lot, waiting on the trip to Urbana.

The pictures below show some of the study rooms with closets along the walls.  The larger rooms are the dorm/sleeping rooms for the 3rd floor.    

Week Ending July 14th - Modules are set on Site
This week all the modules were set on the construction site.  In 5 short days, 1002 S. Lincoln was transformed from an empty foundation to a full 3 story building.  By Saturday, July 14th we were able to tour the building as part of the NH Annual meeting.  The house looks very good.  It is amazing to see the building plans come to life as we can now walk through the rooms.

Below are some pictures of the weeks work as well as shots of the alums visiting the house site on Saturday. 
Week Ending August 4th
On-site work on the new house continues at a rapid pace.  Homeway has been busy over the last couple of weeks.  The roof is complete.  All the windows are in.  Most of the study rooms are nearly complete with closets, trim, and doors.  The seams have been made between all the modules. 

Work continues on getting the utility services hooked up.  The water main has been reconnected and permanent electrical service should be restored this week. 

Site work has been done for the parking lot and storm sewer.  Exterior brick work will start this week.

Below are some of the photos from this week.
Project Status as of September 1

Good progress has been made on the house over the last couple of weeks.  Permanent power was hooked up last week. The parking lot is largely completed.  The kitchen equipment has been assembled and set in the kitchen.  Hookups of the equipment should occur this week.  Many of the rooms are now completed with trim and flooring. Brick work continues on the outside of the house.  Most of the Iowa and Lincoln facing walls are now bricked.

Our goal is still to get the Active Chapter moved into the new house by mid September.  With the start of classes in late August, the guys are now back on campus.  They are staying in some temporary housing arrangements at Illini Tower and a local hotel.  Our schedule was delayed somewhat with delays in getting the permanent power hooked up.

Below are some photos of the current state of the house.  Things are coming together and the vision is becoming a reality.   

New Nabor House Update - September 15

The Active Chapter should be able to move back into the house this week.  The two upper floors are now completely done and ready for occupants.  The main floor has some work to do in the kitchen and living areas.  The exterior brick work is now done on the all but the south side. 

We started moving some of the furniture and supplies back into the house this past weekend.  All of the study desks are moved into the rooms.  Semi trailer 1 out of 2 is no empty.  This first trailer held a lot of the kitchen tables, chairs, and other equipment. 

Below are some pictures of the current status of the house.
Project Status as of October 3, 2012

The Active Chapter moved into the new house today.  After some delays with inspections of the new house, we were cleared by the City of Urbana to move in.  This marks a major milestone in the project

The guys are now getting settled into the house.  Some work is yet to be done including the landscaping and sidewalks.  We hope to get all of the loose ends finished up this fall.  However, we have accomplished the critical goal of the project to get the actives into a new house.

Below are some photos of the current status of the house and the move in process.
Landscaping Installed - October 20, 2012
Several alumni and the active chapter worked to install the new landscaping around the new house.  We had a full day of planting trees, leveling black dirt, and getting the rest of the landscaping plan in place.  It ended up being too wet to get the sod installed so we are hoping for a dry day later this week to get that done.